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Part I
A1 The Soldier’s March 1:47
A2 Slogging Homeword… 2:20
A3 Airs By A Stream 2:35
A4 As You Can Hear… 7:41
A5 The Soldier’s March (Reprise) 1:48
A6 Eventually, Joseph Reaches His Home Village… 2:55
B1 Pastorale 2:35
B2 The Soldier, Disconsolate… 4:13
B3 Pastorale (Reprise) 0:37
B4 The Soldier, Slowly Coming Back To Himself… 2:48
B5 Airs By A Stream (Reprise) : To Stretch Out On The Grass… 0:47
B6 Hey Satan, You Bastard… 5:33
B7 Airs By A Stream (2nd Reprise) 0:46
B8 Naught To Be Gained Here… 0:05
Part II
C1 The Soldier’s March (2nd Reprise): Down A Hot And Dusty Track… 0:50
C2 He Doesn’t Even Know Himself… 0:52
C3 The Soldier’s March (3rd Reprise): Will He Take The Road To Home… 0:28
C4 He Doesn’t Have A Home Anymore… 3:56
C5 The Royal March 2:38
C6 So, All Was Arranged… 0:58
C7 Later That Night… 0:39
C8 The Little Concert: Light Floods The Eastern Sky… 2:59
D1 The Soldier, With A Confident Air… 0:46
D2 Three Dances: Tango (Part 1) 1:18
D3 Three Dances: Tango (Part 2) 1:01
D4 Three Dances: Waltz & Ragtime 4:02
D5 So, First A Tango… 0:40
D6 The Devil’s Dance 1:20
D7 The Devil, Confused… 0:27
D8 The Little Chorale 0:42
D9 The Devil Recovers Some Of His Wits… 0:13
D10 The Devil’s Song: Alright! You’ll Be Safe At Home… 0:39
D11 Hm, A Fair Warning… 0:13
D12 Grand Chorale (Part 1) 0:29
D13 Spring, Summer, Autumn… 0:16
D14 Grand Chorale (Part 2) 0:30
D15 Steady Now… 0:11
D16 Grand Chorale (Part 3) 0:27
D17 Steady, Just Smell The Flowers… 0:13
D18 Grand Chorale (Part 4) 0:52
D19 Now I Have Everything… 0:34
D20 Grand Chorale (Part 5) 0:55
D21 The Princess, All Excited… 1:21
D22 Grand Chorale (Part 6) 0:26
D23 And So, Off They Go… 1:13
D24 Triumphal March Of The Devil 2:24