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In 2015 The Stream released one new song each month. From January till December, the twelve songs slowly revealed a story of love, sin, escapism and wishful thinking. It was this that made the band decide that they would make it into a theatre-piece.

This theatre-show is a vivid combination of live music, acting and video. Named Past Perfect, it is a music-video brought to life!

All 12 songs are also brought together onto this album that is called MMXV since the songs were all released in 2015. The album is the log of what has been a year full of release-gigs, radio- shows, lots of studio-time and obviously the live theatre show!

So to that MMXV is also a soundtrack. Anyway, it’s been quite an adventure. Thanks for being a part of it, enjoy the music, stay tuned for more and keep on Streaming.