Gene Pitney – The Collection (CD)


Collection is een album van Gene Pitney, uitgebracht in 2018. Collection bevat o.a. de nummers: “Only Love Can Break A Heart”, “Every Breath I Take”, “If I Didn’t Have A Dime (to Play The Jukebox)”, “Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid And I” en vele anderen.


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1-1 Only Love Can Break A Heart
1-2 (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance
1-3 Every Breath I Take
1-4 It Hurts To Be In Love
1-5 Today’s Teardrops
1-6 Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
1-7 Half Heaven, Half Heartache
1-8 I’m Gonna Be Strong
1-9 If I Didn’t Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)
1-10 Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid And I
1-11 Hello Mary Lou
1-12 Nobody Needs Your Love
1-13 Air-Mail Special Delivery
1-14 I Laughed So Hard I Cried
1-15 My Heart, Your Heart
1-16 True Love Never Runs Smooth
1-17 Twenty-Two Days
1-18 Cry Your Eyes Out
1-19 I Should Try To Forget
1-20 Shady Lady
1-21 Harmony
1-22 Lousiana Mama
1-23 Somewhere In The County
1-24 A Chance To Belong
1-25 Tower Tall
1-26 Little Betty Falling Star
2-1 Town Without Pity
2-2 Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
2-3 Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
2-4 (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
2-5 Mecca
2-6 Dream For Sale
2-7 Backstage (I’m Lonely)
2-8 That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
2-9 Take It Like A Man
2-10 Not Responsible
2-11 A Street Called Hope
2-12 Sure Fire Bet
2-13 Lonely Night Dreams (Of Far Away Arms)
2-14 24 Sycamore
2-15 Donna Means Heartbreak
2-16 Last Chance To Turn Around
2-17 A Greater Love
2-18 Yours Until Tomorrow
2-19 Just One Smile
2-20 Animal Crackers (In Cellophane Boxes)
2-21 Take Me Tonight
2-22 Princess In Rags
2-23 Yesterday’s Hero
2-24 Teardrop By Teardrop
2-25 Going To Church On Sunday
2-26 Where Did The Magic Go?