Suzi Quatro – The Devil In Me


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Het eerste nieuwe studioalbum in twee jaar! Tweede keer samenwerking met haar zoon
Richard Tuckey. Mastering door Christian Wright bij Abbey Road Studios UK. Met
gastvocalen van Cherie Currie (ex-Runaways.)

“Starting spring 2020, almost one hundred of my shows were cancelled and [my son]
Richard would also have been on tour with his band had not all concerts been cancelled or
postponed. So I said to him: ‘We should make the most of our free time, write new material
and allow ourselves to be inspired by the things that are currently going on in the world.’ I
already knew that Richard and I make a brilliant team, after all No Control had been a major
success and a very special recording for us. Although I would never have thought that we’d
be able to surpass it.” – Suzi


  • 1. Suzi Quatro – Devil In Me
  • 2. Suzi Quatro – Hey Queenie
  • 3. Suzi Quatro – Betty Who?
  • 4. Suzi Quatro – You Can‘t Dream It
  • 5. Suzi Quatro – My Heart And Soul
  • 6. Suzi Quatro – Get Outta Jail
  • 7. Suzi Quatro – Do Ya Dance
  • 8. Suzi Quatro – Isolation Blues
  • 9. Suzi Quatro – I Sold My Soul Today
  • 10. Suzi Quatro – Love‘s Gone Bad
  • 11. Suzi Quatro – In The Dark
  • 12. Suzi Quatro – Motor City Riders


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